Riata® Rake Arena Drags are Designed by the Equestrian for the Equestrian

Your days are long and you spend many hours training your horse(s) to ensure that you get the most out of them when it counts. You make sure that your horses have the proper equipment. For many equestrians, horses are their livelihood and they must do all they can to protect their investments. Setting up consistent footing for our equine friend enables them to be more confident, safer from injury, and enables an increase in your training progress and performance.

Imagine going for a 5 mile run in your dress shoes; when we train on an arena with inconsistent footing, this is what we are asking them to do. Good footing is critical to help your horses perform to the best of their athletic ability. It ensures that your horse can work with confidence and allows riders to efficiently train their horses knowing they will be performing in optimal conditions. In order to create and sustain good footing in your arena, you must first invest in the most important piece of equipment for your arena: a Riata®Rake arena drag.

Riata provides equestrians everywhere with consistent, precision footing for their horses. Riata®Rake arena drags do it all! Whether your arena supports pleasure riding or performance events, from Dressage to Working Cow Horse – the Riata®Rake arena drags are designed to give you the best footing possible for your horse’s well-being and performance.

Our 1084XL Pull-type arena drag is perfect for all size arenas and events where you need easy and efficient grooming to provide the precision footing. The 1084XL arena rake is ideal for the equestrian who owns an ATV, Side by Side, UTV, or small utility tractor. All it requires is a 1 7/8-ball hitch and 300cc or 15 hp. Get your 1084XL Riata®Rake arena drag today!

Riata® “For the land that I love™”

10 Series Riata®Rake

Tom Spitsnaugle of Total Team Roping shares his Riata® Story

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