About 6 months ago I started looking for an arena rake and after looking at several I came across Riata Rake. I really liked it when I saw it and called Mike last year and reserved one. I held off thru the winter and started looking into buying it but was really nervous because this is a big decision. This is a piece of equipment that has a lot of great design and its built to last. I really wanted to look at what I was buying and tried hard to do that but would have had to drive to do that, so I did some research and got a phone number to a guy that actually owns two of them and after speaking to him I was sold . I ordered the Riata Rake when I hung up the phone. Mike has been great to deal with and I have absolutely no regrets. I used it for the first time yesterday and had been in the dirt business before this thing is amazing!!!! Thanks Mike!!! If you are looking for an arena rake this one is definitely one to consider !!!
| Ranch Owner
Florida/Riata RA1108
We have had our Riata Rake for 6 months and absolutely love It. Our arena has never looked better and it is a very user-friendly piece of equipment.
| Amateur Reining Competitor
Minnesota, Riata 1108 with Cutting Tines
I am 100% completely satisfied with the Riata rake! Customer service is top notch! I have never seen my arena look and ride so great!
| Carroll County Indiana 4H Young Wranglers
Riata RA1108, 3 Point Arena Drag
I wanted to add to the other testimonials about your great product. I have used two other name brands groomers and nothing is easier to use then Riata and the arenas look great! I get several comments on how great it looks and feels while riding. My Daughter is a barrel racer and I want to make sure that the footing is where it needs to be for these speed events. The Riata company is a first class organization. I had an issue with my gauge wheels and they followed up on the problem immediately without question. They (Riata) are all about the customer and especially the well-being of horses. I look forward to working with them in the future.
| Amateur Owner, and Exhibitor of Purebred Arabian and Half/Arabian Hunter pleasure and Western pleasure show horses
Riata RA1084XL, Trailed Arena Drag
As an amateur/owner, and exhibitor of Purebred Arabian and Half/Arabian Hunter pleasure and Western pleasure show horses, it is very important to me to have great footing in my arena.  I don’t have a tractor so I needed something that could be pulled by my John Deere Gator. The Riata Rake arena drag fits that requirement. I love the fact that not only does it level the low spots, but that I get such consistent fluffy footing. Pretty sure that my National winning performance horses appreciate it too! My husband and I have often commented to each other that our Riata Rake is probably one of the best pieces of equipment that we have ever purchased. It’s certainly one of the most used! Thanks, Riata Rake for making such a great arena drag!
| Reined Cow Horse Trainer
Riata RA1108, 3 Point Arena Drag
I am fortunate that the ground at my ranch is naturally sandy. As a result, I was able to work up a 140' by 280' area in one of my pastures for use as an arena for working my horses dry and on cattle. I used the implement with the scarifiers and tine set to a depth of 2" to clear the pasture grasses and level the ground. I found it very effective for this purpose. In fact, I was surprised at how effective it was at leveling the ground. With the ground prepared I put the scarifiers in the stowed position and set the tines to a depth of 4" for the purpose of maintaining the arena footing. I am completely satisfied with the implement and find it to demonstrate excellence in design, materials, and construction. If anything it has exceeded my expectations
| Professional Trainer and Champion Competitor
Riata RA1108, 3 Point Arena Drag
We can not stop talking about how great our Riata drag is. We are very picky when it comes to our arena footing and our Riata drag lets us reach perfection! Contact Mike Powell from Riata Ranch to find out how you can also have perfect ground.
| Performance Horse Trainer and Competitor
Riata RA1108, 3 Point Arena Drag with all accessories
As a Performance Horse trainer, I have used many drags in many different types of footing. I have been using the Riata for three months and haven't disconnected it from my tractor. I work my arena every day and find that with other drags I have used the ground gets worse and worse, with the Riata it gets better and better. With all the options on the drag it makes it very easy to adjust the types of footing. For example going from deep sticky footing for Rodeo events and then fluffy footing with a fast base for Stopping. As far as I'm concerned it is the best all around drag on the market.
| Professional Trainer & 2016 NCHA Futurity Limited Open Champion
Riata RA1110, 3 Point Arena Drag
Hours and hours of hard work go into training cutting horses at a professional level. There are a lot of extremely physical moves that a horse has to make. The condition of the footing in your arena makes all the difference in the world. Consistency is what matters most. My horses have to feel safe to feel confident. Riata Rake is the only piece of equipment that I've ever owned that does everything I need it to do. From leveling the new sand I've just added to the everyday conditioning that keeps it perfect. I can adjust the depth and compaction without ever worrying about harming the base of my arena. I never worry about the surface not being level and smooth. I personally feel it's not only the BEST drag I've ever used, it's now the ONLY drag I ever use.
| TV Producer and President of Mikmar Bit Company
Riata RA1108, 3 Point Arena Drag
I ripped the arena yesterday and really found first hand what you were talking about with rippers and horsepower...the arena looked fantastic when I was done. I never really "got it" about footing preparation until I met you guys and learned how this rake works. That ignorance lasted some time...having an arena and tractor now for 16 years. In hindsight, I can't believe I never took the time to try to understand "good footing" on the level you have introduced it to me, but even if I did, I never had the tool to create it. Your rake does just what I was in search of, a tool that I don't have to manipulate, or work, the entire time I'm dragging the arena. A tool that does not continually make the arena more un-level, with inconsistent texture everywhere, as my Red Master Harrow, Roto-Harrow, and numerous "Farm, Construction" type harrows did. In the past, the more I'd try to fix it, the worse it got.