Conditioning Design

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Many common arena problems are the result of using an implement that was designed for agricultural “seedbed preparation” or construction. These products do not resurface or re-level the footing, but rather they just beautify the surface leaving what you don’t see as the problem.

The Riata®Rake arena harrow solves those “unseen issues”. The Riata®Rake was designed with a precision tine-conditioning array for footing control and has the unique ability to repair and re-level your arena base and surface. Unlike rippers, which require 4-5 hp per ripper, the Riata®Rake arena harrow’s tines are highly efficient, requiring less than 1 hp per tine.

The solid rod tines on each Riata®Rake are spaced 2.75″ apart, which allows complete de-compaction and creation of consistent, level footing in your equestrian arena.

Rippers are offered as an additional accessory for the 11 Series Riata®Rakes, but if the Riata®Rake arena harrow is used properly and consistently in your equestrian arena, the rippers should not need to be used often. If you own an outdoor arena that is subject to the elements, the rippers will need to be used more often due to the higher frequency of heavier compaction.