Why Riata?

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The Problem With Many Tools Used In The Equestrian Arena Today

Many equestrians use tools that were not designed for the equestrian arena. For example, products that use S-tines or rippers are made for seedbed preparation, not your arena. The product displayed is made by Agrional and it is specifically designed for “separating soil and preparing seed beds.” However, many equestrians mistakenly use similar products for their equestrian arenas.

The S-tine, which you see in this implement, can act like a spring and as it hits a compacted spot in your arena, the S-tine can load and release on the base, creating divots and penetration holes that over time will cause damage to your arena. Other issues that non-equestrian drags can create is gouging deep grooves in your base due to the use of extended rippers, which can also produce troughs and ridges 8″-10″ apart. S-tines and farming/construction rippers can be dangerous for both you and your horse to train on.

10 series arena drag and 11 series arena harrow side by side

We are proud to say that the Riata®Rake arena drags were designed and engineered exclusively for the horse arena by equestrians. The unique design does not have the fundamental faults that exist in farm and construction tools, which can cause serious damage to your arena.