Riata®Rake RA1108 Eight Foot Drag


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Manufacturer: Riata®
Manufacturer’s Product Number: 5RRRA1108

Operating Dimensions: W 94″, L 55″ H 43″
Condition: New

Availability: Usually Ships in 5 to 7 Days

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    Upgrade to the Conditioning and Cutting Tine. It conditions beautifully and in most cases, eliminates the need for rippers – lowering your maintenance and reducing the cost of ownership. If you have high clay (or expansive soil) resulting in compaction in your arena, you will love this addition to the Riata options. Requires keyed tool carrier for pre-2015 models.

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    From the convenience of your tractor seat, you can easily adjust the height of your leveling comb and the amount of material you need to move to create a level arena with our optional hydraulic cylinder. With the hydraulic cylinder attachment you can move precisely up to 1 sq yard of material anywhere in your arena.

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    With the optional fence blade, the arena rake collects material from the rail or fence of your arena and brings it back in the footing, eliminating the bowl effect. We have also added a new element to the fence blade with our visibility flag. Now from your tractor seat you can see where the edge of the fence blade is to ensure proper distance from the arena fence and use.

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    Riata’s optional Ripper/scarifier kit comes with 11 for our RA1110 model. These scarifiers are spaced 10 in. apart which enables them to completely break through weather-packed footing in outdoor arenas and tougher compaction in indoor arenas. Spacing the scarifiers any further apart and the rake would miss major portions of compaction.

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Our number one selling Riata® RA1108 drag does it right! Whether your arena supports pleasure riding or high performance competition – the Riata®Rake arena drags are designed to give you the best footing possible for the longevity of your horse’s health and performance. We designed this versatile implement for synthetic and organic footing so you can count on years of excellent service even if you decide to modify your footing in the future. We also designed it to be rugged and dependable for all arenas and all equestrian disciplines.

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11 Series Arena Drag owner's manual

11 Series Owner’s Manual

11 Series Arena Drag brochure
Riata®Rake Brochure

Shipping Information (includes pallet)

Weight1000 lbs
Dimensions96 x 60 x 22 in
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