Riata Hot-Forged Tine, The Toughest Tine Made!


    You will appreciate the quality of the Riata Forged Tine. Riata’s precision tine bar is equipped with 17, 19, 21, or 27 of these tines, 1″ Diameter and 15.5″ long (12.5″ for 1084). The Riata OX-10 is designed to provide long wear life without brittleness. The tines are spaced every 2.75 in. to ensure complete decompaction and aeration of the entire arena, filling in holes and breaking down high spots and creating a precision finish and consistent depth. Riata OX-10 was designed for Synthetic and Organic Footing. OX-10 is compatible with hybrid material and is completly safe in any footing, even if you modify your footing in the future.

    The Riata Forged OX-10 is the industries longest wearing, toughest tine. Hardness to 60 Rockwell C. All tines are through hardened, oil quenched & twice tempered, each kit comes complete with machine bushings, and lynchpins for easy installation.

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