“The difference was the grooming tool! The Riata Rake”…

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“The difference was the grooming tool! The Riata Rake”…
Riata RA1110, 3 Point Arena Drag - Competitor Review
May 12, 2016

I am writing this note to share my recent experience with the Riata Rake. I have been competing at the Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo and stock show for about 15 years. This year when I rode into the arena I was pleasantly surprised to find the ground "fluffy". It was softer than ever before, the ground did not pack as it always has in years past. I commented about it thinking the improvement to the footing was the result of different or more dirt being brought in. To my surprise it was the same ground, the difference was the grooming tool! The Riata Rake and its operator Mr. Bob Powell had improved the ground so much! My horses usually have some minor swelling in their legs after the competition, due to the hard ground. This year there was no swelling or stiffness in my horses! That let me know my horses felt the difference the Riata Rake had made.

I feel this is a great arena grooming tool. The Riata Rake improved the footing conditions at the GNR! Thank You for your time, and hard work at the show, and also for making a product that does its job successfully.